Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Huntblog’s attached 15 December 2017 Newsletter lamented the fate of Australia’s sheep meat producers who have been lured to their agri-political death as a consequence of having Sheep Producers Australia Limited imposed on them as their representative Peak Council.
Sheep Producers Australia is a company limited by guarantee with a State Farm Organisation (SFO) selected special qualification board that morphed from the SFO based Incorporated Association Sheep Council of Australia (SCA) as Australia’s sheep meat producers new Peak Council without a yea or nay plebiscite of sheep meat levy payers.
The problem for Australia’s sheep producers is that not only did they not get a say in the SCA metamorphous into Sheep Producers Australia Limited but their future role in relation to Sheep Producers Australia is limited to rubber stamping the appointment of future Sheep Producers Australia board members chosen by an SFO selection committee.
Thus far Australia’s cattle producers appear to be resisting the siren call to join the slaughter of representative democracy that has engulfed their sheep producing cousins. . . .

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  1. Norman,please read my comments on your blog of 26 april 2016.Basically you and the ABA and AMPG have been outflanked and basically shafted by the good old boys in the SFOs and the NP.I told you so.

  2. The Australian producers have emphasized the special quality of the cattle. This has become the main engine for the spread of agricultural products

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