Friday, December 15, 2017


When Huntblog was growing up in the northwest of NSW in 1950’s, Australia was riding on the sheep’s back. Wool sold for a pound a pound and we lived in a representative democracy. Federal Parliamentarians were elected by adult Australian citizens from a number of candidates running for office in different electorates spread across Australia and our State Parliamentarians and Local Government Councillors were elected on a similar basis.
Importantly, in those times, all (or nearly all) the NSW wool and sheep producers belonged to the Graziers Association and the elected President and Secretary of the local Graziers Association branch represented our local area at the District level and the elected District Graziers Association President and Secretary represented our District at the Regional level and the elected Regional President and Secretary headed off to Sydney to represent the Region at the State Graziers Association conference. The elected President and Secretary of each State Graziers Association then headed to Canberra for the Federal Graziers association conference and to lobby the federal politicians.
However, as Bob Dylan so famously sang in the 1960’s, The Times They are A-Changing. . .

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