Thursday, August 6, 2015

HuntBlog Newsletter: Has Barnaby Left the Door Open for Grass Fed Cattle Structural Reform by Plebiscite?

Following years of agitation for Red Meat Industry organisational reform by:
• the Australian Beef Association (ABA),
• the Australian Meat Producers Group think tank (AMPG),
• the hugely attended cattle producer forums in Roma in 2004, Armidale and Paradise Lagoons in 2010 which Minister Joyce either attended or spoke at, and
• agitation from the cash strapped Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) for access to some of the grass fed cattle transaction levies to provide it with the necessary funding to enable it to carry out its functions under the current red meat industry organisational structure,

the Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce at a meeting with cattle producers in Townsville in early November 2013 agreed to call for a Senate Inquiry into the current grass fed cattle levy funded structures and systems. Minister Joyce advised the Townsville cattle producer meeting that it was time that the decade long cattle industry debate over organisational reform was brought to a head one way or another. Minister Joyce counselled those present that they would have to accept the findings of the Senate Inquiry as binding whatever they happened to be and that if the Senate Inquiry findings went against the cattle producers calls for reform they would need to accept those findings as “the umpire’s verdict”.

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