Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hunt Blog Newsletter 11 March 2014


There was nothing ‘hollow’ about Barnaby Joyce’s public call for the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport  References Committee to hold an inquiry into the grass-fed cattle levy structures and systems. Barnaby’s call for an inquiry was timely and has hit a chord with grass-fed cattle producers across Australia.

The Avalanche of Submissions
At the time that the first Senate committee hearings into the grass-fed cattle levy structures and systems were held last Friday 183 submissions, including 50 Concerned Cattle Producers (CCP) electronic questionnaire submissions, had been posted on the Senate committee website. The Senate committee has also received an additional 67 Andy Rea pro forma submissions and Huntblog understands from the committee Secretariat that an additional 218 CCP electronic questionnaire submissions have been received that have not been posted and there are still another 2 submissions, including the AMPG/CCP submission, that have been lodged that are yet to be posted on the committee website.

So it appears that the final number of submissions lodged into the current Senate inquiry into grass-fed cattle levy structures and systems will be around 470, compared to the 29 submissions received at the last Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee inquiry into the Australian meat industry consultative structures in 2002.

All the published submissions to the grass-fed cattle levy inquiry can be viewed at