Wednesday, October 9, 2013

HuntBlog Newsletter 8 October 2013

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow


A fortnight or so ago, that old warhorse John Carter travelled down to my farm at Robertson on the Southern Highlands of NSW to kindly give me two oak trees that he had carefully propagated from acorns produced from the 2000 odd oak trees that John has planted on his farm at Crookwell in the Southern tablelands of NSW.

Along with the two baby oak trees, John presented me with a photograph of the baby oak trees grandparent which had a 60 m spread.

The two baby oak trees were proudly planted, one (which we have named Anne after John’s wife) in the orchard next to the Pink Lady apple trees and the other down near the cattle yards (where else?) which we of course christened John.

John assures me that the oak trees are quick growers and will reach maturity in the rich Robertson basalt soil within 150 years!

HuntBlog Legal and Market Review

8 October 2013

Supermarket Duopoly and Foreign land Acquisition

          The National Party have put forward concerns about Australia' supermarket duopoly and the acquisition of Australian farming land and agri-businesses by overseas state-owned and state funded companies front and centre in their platform for resurrecting the fortunes of Australia's rural industries.

          This review sets out the background to the duopoly and foreign investment debate and explores some of the issues involved.