Friday, May 31, 2013

Agriculture – Australia’s Next Boom

Journalist Andrew Cornell’s article in today’s Australian Financial Review Magazine "Our Next Boom" makes interesting but challenging reading and can be read here:

The Boom

The “Our Next Boom” article cites the must read October 2012 joint ANZ / Port Jackson Report Issue 3 called “Greener Pastures, The Global Soft Commodity Opportunity for Australia and New Zealand” which can be read at:

and which predicts that Australian agriculture should be the next sector to cash in on the Asia-led growth.  Greener Pastures estimated an additional $710B increase in Australian exports to 2050 with New Zealand also likely to double agricultural exports.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013



It is common ground now that the Australian Beef Cattle Industry is in crisis with cattle producers burdened with an unsustainable level of debt and falling property values receiving record or near record low prices in real terms for their cattle, with many facing forced sale of their assets.

Historical Context of the Current Cattle Crisis

Many, including HuntBlog have compared current cattle prices with 1974 cattle prices, but unlike 1974, there is plenty of US beef quota available to Australian exporters at the moment.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Comments On The Richmond Rural Crisis Summit Resolutions


Congratulations to Bob Katter, the Rural Debt Roundtable Working Group (RDRWG) and the Northern Gulf Graziers’ Group for organising the Beef Crisis Summit held at Richmond 7 May 2013.

A number of resolutions were passed at that meeting calling for a change in direction to ensure the sustainability of Australia’s rural export industries generally and the beef industry in particular.

'AMPG Submission' to Senate Standing Committee on Rural Affairs and Transport (August 2011)

AMPG Submission to the Inquiry into the Role and Effectiveness of Government, MLA, LiveCorp and Relevant Industry Bodies in Improving Animal Welfare Standards in Australia's Live Export Markets (19.8.2011) - view on Hunt Partners' website here.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Current Australian Cattle Price Crash is of 1974 Proportions

The Problem

Southern Highlands activist beef producer John Carter describes the current state of the Australian Beef Industry as the worst he has seen in his fifty-seven years in the industry.

The Australian newspaper covers the current drought and its impact on the cattle industry

View The Australian article 'Drought stalks the land again' (4 May 2013) on The Australian's website here (subscritption required) or at Hunt Partners here (under Rural Debt Crisis - Further Rural Debt Reports).

Yet Another Egyptian Live Export Slaughterhouse Debacle

The repetition of savagery in the slaughter of what are alleged to be Australian cattle in Egypt which is to be shown on the 7.30 Report on Monday 6 May 2013 supports animal welfare groups’ skepticism about the live export industry claims that exporting live animals overseas lifts animal welfare in those destinations.