Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Global Food Forum

The Global Food Forum meeting convened by VISY’s Chairman Anthony Pratt in conjunction with the Australian Newspaper and the Wall Street Journal held in Melbourne on Thursday 18 April 2013 called for a change in approach and policy for Australian Agriculture to take advantage of opportunities arising in Asian food bowl emphasising the need for innovation and a “massive mind set change” so that Australia can see itself in the middle of an Asian region where 6 billion people are making their aspirations come true.

The Global Food Forum also called for massive infrastructure injections to support Australian Agriculture and the establishment of a Federal Ministry for Food to meet the challenge of increased Australian food production for the Asian market.

The report on the Global Food Forum meeting held in Melbourne on 18 April 2013 can be found here.

The report on the call for a Federal Ministry for Food can be seen here.

Cattle Barons Comments

Comments from highly respected Cattle Barons Peter Hughes and Graeme Acton in the context of the Global Food Forum regarding the need for urgent action to address:

• the high Australian dollar;

• the crisis engulfing the live cattle export trade;

• the Australian Cattle Industry’s unsustainable cost structure and debt levels; and

• concerns regarding the Australian Government’s failures to finalise free trade agreements with China;

can be found here.

Further Comments by Graeme Acton and David Farley

Further Comments by Graeme Acton in the Australian Newspaper regarding his plans to expand exports into Vietnam and China can be found here and comments by David Farley the CEO of AACo Australia’s largest cattle producer on the need to draft a straight policy with Asia can be found here.


  1. This global food forum is a good learning program as it tackles the importance of food production among other information. I think the government should be aware of this especially with the demand of food catering businesses today.

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