Friday, January 27, 2012

AMPG-Brisbane Meeting 23 Feb 2012-Reference Material

Summary of AMPG Think Tank Red Meat Industry Reform Options [View Here]

Summary of the Cattle Council Consultative Funding and Structural Reform Proposals [View Here]

Cattle Council, National Representation Discussion Paper (1) (16 January 2012)  [View Here]

Comment by HuntBlog, Cattle Council Draft Funding and Structural Reform Proposal (27 January 2012)  [View Here]

Article in Response by Jon Condon of Beef Central, "CCA Restructure Plan: What does industry think?" (27 January 2012) [View Here]

John Condon, Beef Central, "Industry models emerge in count down to Longreach" (09 November 2011) [View Here]

AMPG Red Meat Industry Reform Outline (9/11/2011) [View Here]
Summary of History of 1998 Red Meat Organisational Restructure [View Here]

Australian Meat and Livestock Reform for the Future Steering Committee and Task Force Report (1996) [Title Page] [Overview and Recommendations] [Section Five - Factors Shaping Future Organisational Structure] [Section Six - Future Organisational Structures] [Section Seven - Options for Future Structures]

The Need for Change - MLA Performance Overview [View Here]

Summary of 2002 Senate Review of Red Meat Government Advisory Structures [View Here]

Senate Rural and Regional, Transport and Legislative Committee, Report into the Red Meat Industry Structures (2002) [View Here]

Uncompetitive Government Costs and Charges [View Here]

SG Heilbron Economic and Policy Consulting, Study on the Impact of Government on Industry Competitiveness (February 2001) [Executive Summary & Strategic Recommendations]

SG Heilbron Economic and Policy Consulting, The Future of the Queensland Beef Industry and the Impact of Live Cattle Exports (June 2010) [View Here]

Booz Allen Hamilton Report (1993) Identified Government Charges and Inspection Costs as being a Source of Disadvantage for Australian Meat Producers:  [View Here]

Article by Brad Cooper, The Land, "Cattle Council Defends Plan" (8 February 2012) [View Here]

Article by Brad Cooper, The Land, "Cattle Council Calls for Slice of Levy" (2 February 2012) [View Here]

Bills Digest, Australian Meat and Livestock Industry Bill (1997) [View Here]

John Condon, Beef Central, "Livex response exposes industry structural flaws, says lobby group" (09 September 2011) [View Here]

John Condon, Beef Central, "Lobby group presents case for industry reform" (20 July 2012) [View Here]

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