Friday, November 13, 2009


The Food Amendment (Beef Grading) Bill 2008 was passed without opposition by the NSW Legislative Assembly yesterday.

In a speech before Parliament, Torbay pointed out that "consumption of beef on the domestic market has be falling for a number of years and much of this decline is attributed to an unreliable labelling system".

"At present our beef exports are falling quite dramatically and there is a greater reliance on a buoyant domestic market", he said.

"Guiding these necessary reforms has been a painstaking process off negotiations. But if, as expected, it results in a better deal for consumers, producers and the industry, it will be a very worthwhile outcome", he said.

Torbay also expressed disquiet at RMAC tactics to reneg on an earlier agreement to back the legislation and lobby MPs to withdraw their support on the day the Bill was to be presented.

He suggested the about-face by RMAC demonstrates "a disappointing lack of leadership".

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