Monday, October 26, 2009


Tony Windsor, the Independent Federal Member for New England, has released his survey results of 431 cattle producers in New England on Beef Grading and Truth-in-Labelling.

The survey found that "New England Beef Producers want the industry to introduce a Compulsory Consumer Orientated Beef Grading System and to better educate the consumer about the Beef Grading System".

"82% of New England producers want a better consumer education program" it found.

Mr Windsor was very pleased with the response by small and large producers to the survey.

“431 cattle producers ranging in herd size from less than 100 head to over 1,000 head kindly participated in the survey to let me know their views of their industry.

I thank those who took the opportunity to provide me with their thoughts”, Mr Windsor said.

Mr Windsor will now pass the survey results on to the Minister for Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, Tony Burke and it will also be available on his website:

Alternatively, you can view the survey results HERE.

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