Monday, August 31, 2009


Channel 7 have picked up on the recent findings of the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Inquiry into Meat Marketing and ran a 7 minute segment on Today/Tonight show on Monday 31 August criticising sale of beef from old carcasses as prime cuts and mutton dressed up as lamb.

The Today Tonight program showed a sirloin steak from an old cow being sold under labels and stickers that said:

“Premium quality”
“Budget Boneless Sirloin”

Beef from old cows is tough, tasteless and pretty hard to chew.

Today Tonight said that the labels did not give the consumer any indication that the beef came from older animals but simply suggested that the meat was good value.

The program also explored the difference in eating quality between mutton, hogget and lamb and allegations that some processors were buying mutton and hogget at cheaper prices from farmers, branding the meat from those older animals as lamb and selling it to unsuspecting consumers at premium prices.

It compared an inedible dark peice of porterhouse steak with yellow fat from an old cow that retailed for $18.89/kg with a delicious prime light red yearling porterhouse with white fat that they bought for $16/60/kg. This shows how much of a lucky dip it is for consumers under the current labelling and grading arrangement as to whether they get good steak or bad steak.

To see the full Channel 7 story go to the Today Tonight website.

For further information on government moves to stop these practices and introduce truth in labelling read on below or visit the documents page on the Hunt Partners website HERE.

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  1. I was actually at one of those meat places in Brisbane up north shopping for meat. I do not think there was a problem as to what they were selling. All the meat I purchased was exactly as it was labelled. The quality was just great. I think Today Tonight should get their evidence right before they start blaming people

  2. The butcher I went to was the same place as it was shown on "Today Tonight". It looked as if someone had carried a hidden camera into the store.